Your Buffalo State Alumni Network

Because of Buffalo State, you are part of a network of 100,000 alumni! The community serves as a valuable tool for alumni to access their network of 100,000 alumni. Alumni are encouraged to update their information, and serve as a resource for another. A network of this size will be an invaluable tool for young professionals or those re-entering the work force.

Your online network features benefits and services available to all alumni, quick links to social media, access to career services, and the updated online alumni directory. Users can synch the events calendar to their personal calendars. It’s a quick and easy way to always stay connected to Buffalo State. Alumni now also register for true lifetime email with a Buffalo State Gmail account.

Click the “First Time Log-In” button on the top right to get started. Follow the three easy steps and you’re in! Once registered, users can access the alumni directory, and connect with classmates and friends.

Questions? Concerns?

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